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Former Seminole Boosters Chairman Doug Russell caught driving with waifu pillow

Following his arrest in a prostitution investigation, past chairman of Seminole Boosters Doug Russell has found another reason to make public comments through an attorney.

The Turtle received an exclusive photo Tuesday, provided by an FSU student who lowered his asking price to a 6-pack of Proof in exchange for anonymity.

At first we were just laughing… like who is this old guy with an anime body pillow in his passenger seat? Then I took a closer look at the driver and thought I recognized him. We passed the pic around until we figured out who it was.” the student explained.

A request for comment initially denied by Russell’s attorney was later returned by Russell himself — in an apparent break from his legal counsel’s advice:

Nothing but tabloid garbage! I wasn’t doing anything wrong! I’m going for a totally legal way to get the girlfriend experience now. No more, no massage parlors. Me and Onee-chan were just going on a date at CMX Cinemas and Lucky Goat afterwards for an espresso.”

This is a free country, right? Can’t a man enjoy his life-sized anime girl pillow in peace?”

When questioned further, Russell remained adamant that the character was at least 18 after localization, and that he wiggled her fabric lips to get her consent to any sexual activities that took place.

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