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Comcast offers “tree fiddy” to ESPN for ACC Network carriage

Negotiations between national cable TV provider Comcast and sports network conglomerate ESPN remained deadlocked on Monday, after a Comcast representative made what ESPN has referred to as an “insulting” offer.

In a set of leaked meeting minutes, sources tell the Turtle that Comcast offered to carry ESPN’s all-ACC focused linear network for an amount of “tree fiddy.”

Greg Rigdon [President of Content Acquisition for Comcast Cable]:We’re not interested in a long-term or even short term deal at this time. We’ll both have better positions to flesh this out during the 2021 omnibus negotiation.”

Jimmy Pitaro [President of ESPN Inc.]:But what would it take to get this squared away, at least through the college football season? In terms of a hard number you could offer us?”

Greg Rigdon: “Tree fiddy.”

Jimmy Pitaro: “Th—three fifty? As in three dollars and fifty cents per subscriber?”

Greg Rigdon: “No, tree fiddy as a flat rate to cover carriage to all our subs. That’s all we’re going to offer The Mouse right now. I’ve got it here in exact change.”

Jimmy Pitaro: “I don’t know why you’re wasting both of our time. That’s insulting! I thought we… I’m going to get a drink. Done here.”

For the time being it appears that Comcast customers wanting the ACC Network will have to continue waiting out this dispute, or switch to another television provider.

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