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Magnolia Drive Winn-Dixie to rebrand as “90’s Vaporwave Grocery Experience”

Tallahassee’s east-central corridor has been reshaped in recent years with the completion of the newest Governors Square Blvd shopping center, Hilton’s Home2 Suites, and renovation of the Magnolia Park Courtyard.

One name that’s notably and very visibly absent from the revitalization efforts is Tallahassee’s last remaining Winn-Dixie store. As many others in Florida’s high-traffic areas received updates and face-lifts, Store #86 retained its right-out-of-1994 appearance.

And that’s all according to plan, as EVP and Chief Customer Officer Andrew Nadin explained to The Turtle:

Southeastern Grocers is committed to our customers and their shopping experience. From time to time that means evaluating a market for potential remodels. In this case we’ve found that old is new.”

The young college demographic growing in this area is popularizing a retro, laid-back, cassette tape kind of vibe. They call it vaporwave, and as the kids say this Winn-Dixie store has serious A-E-S-T-H-E-T-I-C. People just have to know we’re here to provide that.”

Next week the Magnolia Winn-Dixie will begin playing in-store music from artists Dan Mason, 식료품groceries, Meatblaze Studios, and SCRAVECROW.

They also plan to work with local electronica and distortion artists to produce new music based on the chain’s iconic “The Beef People” slogan.

Our advertising history is just full of this stuff! We feel like we’re sitting on a cultural goldmine for this market. Have you seen this store? It’s the kind of place Dan Bell [of Dead Mall Series fame] would visit.” explained Nadin.

Shoppers frequenting this area can look forward to being asked to rethink its dilapidated appearance.

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